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About US

Originating from a group of students throwing pie dishes around in the late 60s, Ultimate Frisbee has now evolved into one of the fastest growing sports in the world. 

Ultimate is usually played with both genders on the same team, although sometimes tournaments can be split into men’s and women’s divisions. The game is played with a regulation 175 gram disc and line-ups consist of 7-a-side outdoors and 5-a-side indoors. Players cannot move with the disc, but pass it amongst their teammates with the aim of catching it in the opposition’s end zone in order to score points. Ultimate is a non-contact game, and is also one of the only self-refereed games. A system to judge the “Spirit of the Game” is used, relying on the integrity of the players to make honest calls about fouls and violations. 

You can read more about the specific rules and regulations on the UKU website. For American students looking to come and join us in the UK, you might consider looking at the differences between the WFDF and USAU rules. 




Ro Sham Bo is the University of Edinburgh’s Ultimate Frisbee team. We have a fun and welcoming attitude, as well as having an impressive history of being amongst the top teams, not only in Scotland, but nationwide. 

Everyone is welcome to join our club, no matter who you are or how much Frisbee you’ve played before. We welcome players of all abilities, from complete beginners, many of whom have never thrown a disc, to experienced players who have played on the international stage. 

As well as having recreational practice twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays 2-4pm) there are also additional practices for more advanced players. Off the field, we host weekly socials, ranging from catchups in the pub to flat parties and overnight trips around Scotland.

Anyone is welcome to join at any point. However, we do host two taster sessions specifically for newcomers who want to meet the current club members and try out Ultimate in Welcome Week. We also put on a show game with top-quality players to demonstrate how this sport is played at a high level. (If that isn’t enough to entice you, we also have free burgers and beer on offer). 

Welcome Week 2020 was different due to the University’s regulations surrounding the Corona Virus. However, we were able to take part in the University’s virtual sports fair- and had limited spaces for in person taster sessions throughout the week. 

If you missed these sessions but still want to try out Ultimate- don’t worry, it’s not too late! Look at our Facebook page to sign up for current sessions and to find out more.



Training takes place both Outdoors and Indoors: 

Outdoor training takes place between 2-4 pm on Wednesdays and Sundays – this does vary throughout the year so join our Facebook page to keep up to date! 

We also have the sports hall at St.Leonards Land on Friday nights 8-9.30pm and Sunday mornings 10-12am. These practices are more irregular so, again, join our Facebook page for more details.  

We train on the Meadows between Jawbone Walk and Middle Meadow walk – as seen on the map opposite. 

You should wear the clothes that you would usually use to play sport  – as well as bringing a light and a dark shirt so that we can easily differentiate between teams. If possible, it is also a good idea to bring a water bottle, studded boots and a frisbee if you have one! 



We’ve got 2 membership options

Having the recreational membership means that you can join us for our training sessions on the Meadows (Wednesdays and Sundays 1.30-3.30pm) and play in competitions with the club.
competitive membership:£35 
As well as including sessions on the meadows and access to competitions, the competitive membership also includes outdoor sessions at Peffermill and indoor sessions at St. Leonards Land. 
Since the Competitive membership uses the University facilities, you will need a FULL GYM MEMBERSHIP (semester or full) to purchase this membership. 

You can learn more about – and buy – membership here!


A social atmosphere is at the heart of every University Ultimate Team, and we are no exception. This year we will be sponsored by Frankenstiens, where the club meets for a drink, or a chat, every Wednesday night. 

We also plan other social events alongside our weekly visits to the pub, such as: Ro Sham flat crawl, “family” nights, Christmas dinner and pub golf among many others. Tournaments are usually a weekend long, with a fun party planned on the Saturday night.

If drinking is not your scene, however, don’t be deterred! As a club, we make sure everyone has a good time – alcohol or not! 


The Committee 2022-2023

President: Freya Palmer

Vice President: Robert Chadwick

Secretary: Katie Douglas-Hall

Treasurer: Ava Lehane

Male Training Co-ordinator: Robbie Peal

Female Training Co-ordinator: Mari Hronska

Tournament Director: Erica Liu

Social Secretaries: Cameron Stark and Jack McDermott

Publicity Officer: Ines Wildmoor

Alumni/Outreach Officer: JJ Lim

Women’s Captain: Sonal Kango and Zoe Todd

Men’s Captain: Will Luty