What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a game played with a regulation 175gram disc. Both genders can play on a team and line-ups consist of 7-a-side outdoors and 5-a-side indoors. Players cannot move with the disc, but pass it amongst their teammates with the aim of catching it in the opposition’s endzone. A non-contact game, Ultimate is self-refereed and relies on the integrity of players to make honest calls about fouls and violations, commonly referred to as Spirit of the Game.

You can read more about specific rules and regulations on the UKU website. For American students looking to come play in the UK you might consider looking at the differences between the WFDF and USAU rules. Click on the first result from this Google search to download a PDF with a breakdown of the information.

Who are we?

Ro Sham Bo has a rich history of being among the top teams not only in Scotland, but nationwide. As a club we finished the 2012-13 academic year boasting 1st place at Mixed Outdoor Nationals and 2nd at both Open and Women’s Outdoor Nationals.

We welcome players of all abilities from complete beginners, many of whom have never thrown a disc, to experienced players who have played on the international stage. During Freshers week we host two taster sessions for new students to come and meet the current club members and try their hand at Ultimate. We also put on a show game where top-quality players from across Scotland demonstrate how this sport is played at a high level. (If that isn’t enough to entice you, we also have free burgers and beer on offer). Freshers week 2015 starts Monday 14th September.